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Credit Cards

Buy now, pay over a few months. It’s easy

View credit cards from different organizations, all in one place

Use our cards like usual in all your favorite shopping destinations

Get approved quickly
There are no awkward forms, postage, or meetings at the bank. Kredete is digital first
Competitive interest rates
Get a competitive rate from Kredete
Improve your credit score
Watch your credit score climb as you use your credit card and make your monthly repayments

Kredete offers competitive loans from our partners

Get accepted quickly. There’s no waiting around

Have money transferred to your account digitally at lightning speed

Loans. Fast
Get loans transferred to your account quickly. Right when you need them
Everything, done digitally
We’re digital first, which means you only need to send us electronic copies of your documents to be accepted
Stay knowledgeable
Kredete keeps you informed. Know exactly how much you have to pay each month in a tap
Credit Reports

Credit Reports help you keep in touch with your finances

Know what your credit score is, how to improve it, and whether other lenders will accept you for credit

Export your credit report so that you can view it offline, or share it with banks and other financial institutions easily

Stay Up To Date
Credit Reports are like a diary for your finances so that you can keep track
All In One Place
Easily access your credit score. Anytime. Anywhere
Understand And Grow
Understand your credit score so that you’re on the right track
Credit Score

By understanding your credit score now, you can open the door to all kinds of financial products like loans, mortgages, and credit cards

Check your credit score without it affecting your credit rating

Understand what you’re doing right and what needs improvement. Your guide to sound financial management is just a tap away

Plant seeds for your future
Learn how to manage your credit score now, for when you need it later
Stay One Step Ahead
By checking your credit score regularly you can stay one step ahead and make sure your money is in good financial health
Get Approved For More
The higher your credit score is, the more credit you can apply for. Keep track of it here, with Kredete

Kredete makes credit simple. It untangles confusing words and jargons surrounding credit, banks, and financial institutions, giving you more freedom to choose