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Our mission

Put simply, our mission is to simplify credit and make it easy. We know that getting credit in Africa is difficult, banks and lenders don’t want to give people loans, mortgages and credit cards.

That’s not fair. Here at Kredete, we believe that credit should be accessible to all. That’s why we have built a way for all Africans to build their credit score through our app, allowing everyone to build their credit worthiness and apply for financial products that can unlock their dreams.

Our Values

Financial Independence

We help our users to support themselves and stay in good financial health

Financial Education

We help Africans to stay knowledgeable about their money. Ultimately, this helps our users stay financially independent and on their own two feet


Kredete is committed to fostering a culture that is grounded in its core values of Clients First, One Team, Embrace Change, Own It, and Stay Humble

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Kredete makes credit simple. It untangles confusing words and jargons surrounding credit, banks, and financial institutions, giving you more freedom to choose

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