NO Credit Score, here is how you can build one

July 6, 2023


Having no credit score implies one thing- fewer options to credit facilities which can be a major setback for people looking to get credit. Without a credit score, it's more difficult to access credit albeit not impossible. If you are looking to access loans and other credit products, you can start to build your credit score today even though you do not have one. Below are some tips you can use to build your credit score if you have none

  • Take Out a Credit Builder Loan: Credit Builder Loans are small loans that allow you build your credit history. The loan is deposited into a locked savings account by the lender and  you make small payments over a fixed period  to pay it back. These payments are then reported to credit agencies to help you establish credit
  • Become an Authorized User: Sign up to be an authorised user on a friend or loved one’s card provided that they trust you and are willing to give you the card to use. Becoming an authorized user on their card allows you to make purchases, but it is important to note that the primary account holder is ultimately responsible for payments. Also be sure to check with the card issuer to see how they handle credit because negative actions on the credit card can affect your credit too
  • Apply For A Credit Card: Lack of credit history could make it difficult to get a traditional credit card however there is another option to consider which is getting a secured credit card. With this card, you make an initial deposit just like when you move into a new apartment. As you make payments on the card, you start to build a positive credit history. 

In conclusion, not having a credit score is not a bad thing but when applying for loans and other credit products, it’s important that you have a credit score and build it over time. Doing this makes it easy for you to get loans at low interest rates.

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